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Advanced Writing Skills



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Advanced Writing Skills

This one-day training course is geared towards strong writers who are looking to improve in specific areas. Trainers will devote time to writing letters of recommendation, persuasion, refusal, and action. All of this training will reflect current word usage and up to date formating.

Participants of this courseware are recommended to have completed Velsoft’s Business Writing That Works courseware before taking on this advanced workshop. This training will assist your participants in:

  • Keeping their writing clear, concise, and grammatically sound.
  • Improving sentence construction and paragraph development.
  • Dealing with specific business requests that call on strong writing skills.
  • Creating effective business cases, proposals, and reports.
  • Thoroughly documenting sources that are used or referenced.

The Advanced Writing Skills courseware is available for trainers to purchase, download, and deliver as soon as your training materials are printed! You can add your logo, and supplement your training materials package with custom projects; there are few things as effective as adding assignments relevant to your learners’ current workplace requirements.

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