Advanced Writing Skills

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Advanced Writing Skills Training

This is a one-day training course for those who already are good writers but seek improvement. Trainers will devote time to writing letters of recommendation, of persuasion, of refusal, or of action, that reflect current word usage and up-to-date formats. They will also learn some basic techniques for writing such materials as business cases, proposals, and reports.

Courseware participants need to complete Velsoft’s Business Writing That Works course before taking this workshop.

This one-day training course will help you teach participants how to:

• Keep their writing clear, complete, concise, and correct.
• Improve sentence construction and paragraph development.
• Deal with specific business requests.
• Create effective business cases, proposals, and reports.
• Thoroughly document sources that they use in their writing.

Advanced Writing Skills courseware is available for trainers to purchase, download, and deliver as soon as you get your training materials printed! You can also add your logo, and supplement your training materials package with custom projects (there’s nothing as powerful as adding an assignment that incorporates work your participants need to do when they get back to work)!

  • Customizable teaching manual
  • Student workbook
  • Quick reference guide
  • Power Point slides
  • Additional teaching aids
  • No annual renewal fees
  • Unlimited reprinting rights
Advanced Writing Skills Customizable Courseware
Customizable Courseware (editing rights with raw files) Instant access $749

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Whether you're developing a new marketing plan, introducing a new product to your market, or designing a new filing system to streamline your office's organization, it's important to have an effective planning process in place that can turn.

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