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The Professional Supervisor



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The Professional Supervisor

Professional Supervisor Skills is a three day intensive courseware program ideal for newly promoted or aspiring supervisors who are motivated to succeed and excel in their new role. Participants learn the difference between managing and leading, how to deal with challenges, effective prioritization, professional communication habits, and team motivation. They will also develop skills on providing useful feedback and empowering their team to grow and flourish.

This training course has been designed to support trainers in offering a complete and comprehensive training experience. Get students thinking ahead, by providing them with pre-assignment materials several days in advance, then welcome them to your class with a student guide and pre-assessment. Upon completion, trainers will have the option to provide students with a post-assessment, quick reference tools, supplementary reading lists, and personalized follow-up, to help them assess their progress.

As always, Velsoft training materials are completely customizable, brandable, and editable based on the needs of both trainers and their students. Get started today!

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Add The Professional Supervisor to your learning management system (LMS) by downloading this course as a SCORM compliant eLearning course. SCORM compliant means that you can be sure that this eLearning courses can be imported into your LMS with all the reporting you expect.

Whether you're developing a new marketing plan, introducing a new product to your market, or designing a new filing system to streamline your office's organization, it's important to have an effective planning process in place that can turn.

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