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Upgrading to Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Courseware designed for training providers


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Upgrading to Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

With our courseware on Upgrading to SharePoint Designer 2007 we’ll make sure that you’ll learn everything that you need to know to teach an effective workshop.  We’ll take you through our unique, flexible, easy-to-use format where you’ll learn all the cool new features that SharePoint has to offer.

With all of our training materials you’ll get: an Instructor Guide, Quick Reference Guide, Student Manual, Power Point Slides, and even the Lesson Plan. It couldn’t possibly be easier to instruct like a subject expert.

Designed with you in mind our materials are completely customizable, and relied on the world over by instructors just like you!  Our goal is to give you everything that you need, so we’ve done all the work for you.  But we still want you to take the credit, change examples and make them more relevant and even swap our name with your own.

With SharePoint Designer 2007 you’ll be able to modify, customize, and expand on your SharePoint sites more easily than even before.

Have a look at our other Upgrading courseware that you may find helpful, and now our titles are available in our new eLearning format.

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See how you can save time & money with pre-written, customizable courses.

For every hour of training delivery it takes 40 hours of prep work to have quality training materials. A two-day training class of 7.5 hours per day can easily take 600 hours of work. Velsoft courseware means this work is done for you and delivered in MS Word format files so that you can make any changes you like; right down to taking our logo off and replacing it with yours. Velsoft courseware gives you the confidence of walking into your training session knowing you are prepared to give a great class.

With Velsoft courseware you receive:

  • Fully customizable files
  • Unlimited reprinting rights
  • Unlimited number of users
  • No annual renewal fees

If you are interested in any of our eLearning titles, we can provide you with access to a free demo. Our web-based SoftSkills courses are effective and affordable; allowing business professionals to learn interesting and practical information related to their jobs. Trying out this interactive and customizable eLearning course will demonstrate to you the quality of our product, and the advantages it will bring to your organizational training goals.

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Now available in SCORM format:

Upgrading to Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007

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