Our Locations


Velsoft has two offices in Canada. The original office is based in the historic town of New Glasgow and serves as the head office. The second Canadian office is located in Halifax/Dartmouth.


The Spanish office of Velsoft is surrounded by volcanoes and Spanish colonial buildings in the beautiful Guatemalan city of Antigua. The Guatemala office services customers in English, Spanish and French.


The Velsoft UK office is the newest Velsoft office and is located 35 minutes from the center of London in Milton Keynes. Fittingly, the world's first programmable electronic digital computer (Colossus) was invented in Milton Keynes and used by British codebreaking experts in WWII (as seen in the movie The Imitation Game).


Since 2013, Velsoft has had an office serving the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Located just outside the South Africian capital of Johannesburg in the Cradle of Humankind, Velsoft runs its base of operations in Africa.