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Microsoft Teams provides a collaborative, cloud-based workspace where Office 365 users can send messages, share files, and more.

GDPR Readiness

In today’s digital world, concerns about personal data privacy are at the top of consumer’s minds.

Available to Velsoft customers only. Receive these courses (and hundreds more) free today when you renew your CoursewareAssurance subscription.


Available to Velsoft customers only.

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Now Includes eLearning
Two New Course Kits Each Month

As a valued Velsoft customer you will benefit by having the latest training materials added to your CoursewareAssurance portal each month. Your training library will grow monthly with the addition of a brand new Soft Skills course and a brand new Computer Skills course.

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Course Updates

In addition to receiving two new courses each month, Courseware Assurance subscribers also have their libraries enhanced by automatically receiving any course updates that are incorporated into Velsoft training materials. This applies to any Soft Skills or Computer Skills course you have in your Velsoft library.

Course Builder Access

Sometimes you want to combine various elements from one Velsoft course to another, that’s just another way a CoursewareAssurance subscription is a major benefit to you: with the Course Compiler. This Velsoft-developed unique software allows you to quickly and easily blend components from your various Velsoft courses into a unique course of your own design.

Locked In Pricing

Once you pay for Velsoft CoursewareAssurance, your price is locked in as long as you maintain your subscription. If the price ever does increase, and you are already subscribed, then you will continue to pay under your previous rate.

Now Including eLearning

We recognize that instructor-led learning has a powerful counterpart in eLearning and that’s why we’ve decided to increase our CoursewareAssurance package to including eLearning. With your two free courses each month, you’ll also get access to our LMS, 25 users, and 25 courses. This gives you the option of providing blended learning to your students.

  • 25 Users
  • 25 Courses
  • LMS

Our Courses In Your LMS

If you have your own LMS and you have a CoursewareAssurance subscription, then you can take those 25 courses that you have access to and easily use them in your LMS. It’s simple and seamless.

Icon Purchasing Power

Our CA customers don’t just get first-class treatment with Premium Support, they also get the first-class perk of lower priced Velsoft products. Expand your library, add blended learning, or convert courses at lower-than-market prices.

Icon Webinars

Our in-house curriculum designers, digital innovation staff, and special guests from the industry provide our CA customers with periodic webinars to provide insight on everything from new adult-learning principles to improving your training social media experience.

Icon Training Images

Adding relevant pictures to the training process can improve retention rates by 65% (over words alone at 10%). Your CA subscription provides you access to royalty-free images designed for the training environment.

Icon New Ice breakers

A primary engagement tool for every trainer, icebreakers and exercises are often the most memorable experience during training. Access our archive of icebreakers and receive new icebreakers each month.

Icon Peer Course Reviews

Not sure which course to download next? Look to see what other CA subscribers are choosing, and what they have to say about the course.

Icon Cast a Vote

Every month we release new courses, and now you can vote on what comes next. See how other subscribers are voting and plan your schedule based on the next release. Our courses are designed for you – your vote matters.

CoursewareAssurance™ unlocks the full potential of our trusted training tools. Available to all customers, the program provides access to new course titles each month, refreshed training materials, unique training technology and much more. Each feature is designed to ensure your training library is up to date and that you have all the tools you need to continue to evolve the training experience.

With our satisfaction guarantee, CoursewareAssurance™ is conveniently added to your account as a monthly subscription for as long as you require.

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Terms and Investments

All subscriptions are sold with a minimum term of 12 months. Subscribers may choose to pay monthly via direct credit card debit at $109 per month or in full for $1199. Subscribers may choose to cancel any time, with 30 days written notice, after their 12 month initial subscription but will not be able to maintain their grand-fathered reduced rate upon possible re-subscription and will be charged the present posted retail rate.

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