Customer Testimonials

Our Customers

The package I purchased will allow me to grow my practice. The product you offer is amazing

Vyagale Maryland

You have a great product and I’m glad our paths crossed

Laura Tessinari

I cannot even describe what a great course I was able to deliver. Your courseware took me from spending weeks building a program to spending just three days.

C Caccioppoli

…thank you [Velsoft] SoftSkills Courseware; you are a life and time saver for many of us who own businesses! Kudos to you!

K. Lewis

The way you have designed the materials makes this a very simple process… Thanks for helping make my job so much easier.

K. Huggins

I have found the material provided by to be very user-friendly. The arrangement of the materials are so well organized that it makes my training very easy. I love the staff there as well, because each time I need assistance with something they are always willing to help and the response time is remarkable. One of the best things I came across on the Internet is Computer Training Software. I plan to continue my business relations with them. It’s a great company with great people.

J. Glenn

[We] have been using your courseware for awhile. It is working really well. Everyone likes it. Thank you.

P. Chu

The programs are comprehensive and well planned. It is a complete turnkey system…

E. DuCoin

…The materials are professional and extremely well written. There were no surprises, each course is timed and allows the instructor to know exactly where they should be at any time. This makes our job as instructors much easier since the class was engaged, entertained and informed. On completion of the courses, the participants all rated the courses and the materials highly…

P. Lewis

…With the Soft Skills courseware we found the total package to be comprehensive but it still allowed us to make customizations to link it specifically to our business, making it more relevant to our staff. A fantastic, comprehensive, customizable package…

R. Lowe

I just want to tell you how much your Soft Skills package has made my presentations work very easy and interesting. There is no reasonable words I can use to tell you how important and professional your material has been put together. It really makes conducting workshops easy, professional, and interesting. I would gladly recommend it to anybody…


I have been in the training industry for over 20 years and this is the most well-rounded courseware I’ve worked with. I would recommend it to any company that values quality training.

M. Gordon

Velsoft materials has given me the ability to expand my training business overnight by offering great turnkey products that save time, money and effort. I have more time to seek out new clients and grow my bottom line.

A McCoy

The Velsoft curriculum (library) has been a great addition to our training workshops. The ability to customize and deliver training in smaller components has increased our attendance dramatically.

T. Ross

The courses I ordered from [Velsoft] Soft Skills have been extremely useful to me, in setting up my own training consultancy. They are written in an easy-to-follow format, and can easily be personalized for various industries, and groups. I particularly like the advertorials, as they include all the course contents, and again are easy to modify with your own material, photographs etc. Thoroughly recommend. A great return on a modest investment.

E. Schmidt

…since I was introduced to your soft skills training software, I must admit that I have reduced the preparation time by almost one half… I highly recommend your product to any serious trainer.

B. Mbugua

We are indeed very excited, can’t believe we don’t have to spend sleepless nights anymore designing our own training material. It’s such a relief and very good value for money indeed…We are happy like a kid in a candy store today. Training is one of our passions and we enjoy it a lot and Velsoft has just made it a lot more easier for us

B Khutjwe

I have been extremely pleased with the Velsoft Courseware. As an instructor the materials have saved me a lot of writing time.

W. Davenport

I have enjoyed working with the Velsoft materials I purchased two years ago and have found them to be an effective resource…

F. Wood

The material is of great quality. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with your company. I am recommending you to everybody who wants to hear.


Yes overall I am very happy with Velsoft. I have yet to run my first customized version of a course, but just marketing my new arsenal is already a new high for us here. I am likewise happy to be part of your community, it is probably the wisest business decision I have made in 5 years.


Your product is excellent and provides a lot of details. We received excellent service, tentative but not overbearing. All our questions were answered promptly. We would recommend your company to other Further Education institutions.


I must say thank you to Velsoft for the excellent training material. We are really impressed with the layout and content of the material.

Francois F.

We are happy about the content and the way it is being presented. This is surely going to make a great change in our training department, hence many of our customers are going to be benefited.

Ashok K.

My satisfaction level with Velsoft products is high.

Kristen M

The product is great. We customized the Negotiation training to suit our unique needs. Lots of good content.

Bob W.

It has been a pleasant experience so far with Velsoft. I am particularly pleased with the comprehensive set of course materials and Dave’s timely response to assist me in the process. Thanks much and I will come back for more materials in the future.


My experience with the company and my sales rep was great. I will continue to recommend your company to others when I have the opportunity.

Stacy G.

Dealing with your staff was a great experience. I had some really stupid questions which they showed great patience in dealing with me. I look forward to using your material in my classes.

Ed F.

Velsoft has done a top-shelf job of providing very thorough training material focused on today’s major supervisory challenges!

Cheryl C.

I am only in my 2nd month of using Velsoft training material, but it feels as if I have been in business using them for over a decade. Thank you for the quality of material that runs parallel with “modern times”

Peter Leshabane

I want to inform you that I am extremely satisfied with the Training material and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. I am a very ‘satisfied’ Velsoft Customer!!!!

Sabena S.

Thank you too for your great products. You have made it so much easier for me to deliver top-notch and entertaining training programmes.

Eunice N

My experience with Velsoft has been of a very professional service. It is always a little scary dealing with a company over the e-mail not knowing what will come of it. Velsoft have offered the very highest level of Customer Service and I am very happy being one of your customers.

Sharon H.

Overall the purchasing of this set of courses saved us many, many hours by now not having to develop courses from scratch. That is great and we have Velsoft to thank for that!

Annamarie G.

We did receive your product and was surprised to see that the material was available for download so quickly. From what has been reviewed, the training material is very well written and laid out so we can hit the ground running and not spend the time developing additional material.

Eric F.

Please change me from Velsoft customer to a “Velsoft happy customer”! Your training solution is excellent and has helped us in providing a more standardized training. Special thanks to Russell who provided me with excellent support and convinced me of purchasing your product despite my initial resistance.

Amr S.

I was blown away with the course material from Velsoft. I am new to training and found the course I purchased to be much much more than I had anticipated.

Ferguson B.

The material is what I expected it to be. I think we got value for money which is what really counts and don’t know if I would have been able to do a better job myself. It certainly saved me several weeks of effort, which is well worth it. I appreciate the openness, patience, support and honesty I received throughout and will recommend Velsoft to anyone else in need of courseware.

Stephen vJ.

We are very happy with the product and found the service and advice from Dave to be most helpful.

Jamie D.

I am very happy with what I believe the materials will do for me in the area of Leadership and Professional Development. I have enjoyed working with your team and your customer service is excellent.

Branimir S.

After weighing my options, I decided to start a training company. My limited budget is a big constraint. With the materials I buy from you,I will need less time to customise the content and will have more time to see prospective clients. THANKS so much for your kindness; it’s really the best news I have ever heard for a really long time. Thanks!


I was happy with the service received from Russell – he was most helpful. The materials are very impressive, and I’m looking forward to packaging them up for our students.


Indeed, I can assure you that I am very happy and satisfied with your training material and the high quality for the same. Please keep up the good work.

T. Makamba

I am pleased to say that me and my colleagues appreciated your availability and also the quality of the material that you sent to us. Jim and Russell both were prompt in answering our requests. So, our experience in collaborating with your company was a pleasant one.

Maria C

We are very happy with the product and Dave was as helpful as he could have been. I was very happy to have liaised with him during the purchase. We are currently scheduling the training and so far, preparations have been effortless.

Lavinia B.

We are very happy. Outstanding products. Very helpful in responding to customer needs quickly and with confidence. Specifically, Russell was fantastic to work with! Helpful, insightful, flexible, responsive… nothing but good things to say.

James F.

My experience with Dave has been wonderful. He is truly an asset for Velsoft. He is very responsive and has answered my questions regardless of how naive they have been; and he answered my questions without making me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing….I love the fact I can modify the material to fit the needs of my clients. Thank you for that!!!!!…Again, love working with Dave and I look forward to purchasing more material from you in the future.

Jeanne R.

Dave is extremely responsive and makes it a pleasant experience to do business with him. Love the Velsoft products and ease of modification and use.

Lily. R

My experience with Velsoft has been enjoyable and completely professional.

Rebecca W.

We are very happy with the product and also thrilled with the very friendly and professional experience throughout the ordering process. Dave Gormley was wonderful to work with!

Natalie R.

The materials are clean and concise and easy to use for our own training. My experience with Velsoft was limited to the purchase of my package. The transaction went smoothly and I received my materials in the time stated.

Rick S.

I really am happy with my purchased courses. I get rave reviews!

Kate G.

I am truly very much happy with the professionalism shown by Velsoft. I am sure there is a very well trained team behind this good big show. It was a real pleasure talking to Russell. He was quite considerate and kind in all his dealings and he actually managed to close the deal the way we wanted it to be and of course it was a great source of satisfaction.

S. Ali

When bad things happen you get an opportunity to really see who the good guys are. Dave you made my day – can’t thank you enough…

J. Whitford

Your company’s products are great, and I have learned a lot from them. My only complaint is that I don’t have more hours in the day to go through all of them!!!

Laura B.

I have finally started my Excel training using your material and I am so impressed. I’m even learning things in the Foundation material although I have used Excel extensively for ±13 years (and I used Lotus 123 for about the same length of time before switching to Excel)!

Lydia W.

I would like to express my appreciation for the support throughout our purchase and the flexibility Velsoft has shown. In my communication with the Velsoft team they have been punctual and thorough in their support and in answering any queries I have had.

D. Bourne

I am really happy for the excellent experience that my team members and I had with you. Actually, we have already started using this valuable resource for our training activities. The response seems quite positive so far.

A. Abdeen

My experience from the very first contact to inquire about your products has been outstanding. The responsiveness and support that I have received from both Dave Gormley and Marcel West have been outstanding as well. I really love the customer focus that Velsoft has.

W. Alexander

I’m equally excited to be part of your clients and very happy with all the interaction I had with your organisation thus far. I believe our business relationship will last long. Your material has just elevated the standard of our training deliverance.

N. Albanie

I just got through downloading the courseware on research skills. I am practically overwhelmed to tears, I have longed for training materials this organized, with the excellent structuring and layout of each piece of document. It’s almost too good to be true and I am so inspired to do more trainings like never before. I am so thankful for an organization like yours that helps mine and several others do what we do best, training people.


Delighted with new look Courseware Assurance site and the continued quality of the material. Well done. Keep up the good work

Chris M.

The Time Management was rolled out … in July/August to almost 100 managers/supervisors/directors and met with very good feedback concerning content

M. St. Pierre

I absolutely love your courseware and recommend it to every trainer I meet.

H. Wright

I have nothing but good things to say about your materials

J Fries

Becky, after downloading and taking a look at the files, all I can say is “WOW!!” What a great purchase. This will be put to great use. Thank you again for your kindness and have a great day!

B. Mogolov

I have just tested out the Course Compiler and it is BRILLIANT. What a great idea.


I love Becky Timmons and Velsoft curriculum – Courseware Assurance! You have made my life so much easier. As a private consultant working with a variety of clients, this gives me the opportunity to focus my attention exactly where it needs to be – with my clients. I can pull together an amazing workshop or training event with incredible speed specifically designed for my client. To have high quality training materials that need very little tweaking and can be adapted to meet my clients needs has really given me the edge I need to be competitive in the training and development field. Now it is even better with the Course Compiler because I can blend multiple training programs into one and give my clients even more value for their money. Thank you so much Becky for your positive can do attitude, availability to respond to my questions and super awesome support – you truly understand what customer service is all about! This is a great program for anyone needing quality curriculum and a company who knows what they are doing! Thank you!!!

Kim L.

It is clear to me that your writing team went above and beyond the call of duty in putting together the courses.

Jan N.

Becky has dealt with any issues / questions that I have had quickly and professionally but also with a personal touch. It’s this personal touch that really makes a difference these days.

A. Millin

All I can say is Becky is great. I have really enjoyed working with her


…You guys have an amazing collection of very affordable training…


My experience with Becky was very positive. I found her extremely helpful, resourceful and, believe it or not, – compassionate. As ‘the face of Velsoft’, she was a good representation for the company. Kudos for such a fine sales person! I will definitely return and do more business with her.


I’m happy with what I’ve seen of the product so far, and the purchase was a good experience.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Training materials, which are extremely well -designed and very professional. I wish you all the best

Mr Amirouche Boukacem

The team at Velsoft was excellent as we developed and implemented a nationwide online training program for 14,000 participants. Their willingness to assist with every component of implementation and support the project from start to finish helped make it a huge success! We know we have a committed partner and look forward to working with the team again.

T. Moore

The Bundle of Velsoft Training materials and especially on HR was very helpful and so much to learn from those documents. They are excellent training materials. Very detailed processes.

Laura Tiegmai

My name is David Giang, based out of Asia and running a training and consultancy company. Over the past weeks I have been communicating with Michael Harding, who has provided me with great service, and went out of his way to make sure that my needs were met.
I wanted to write this message to both of you to pass on my appreciation to Michael, and to let you know that he is a true asset to your company. He represents Velsoft very well, and gives your company a true customer service oriented image.

David Giang