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Essential soft skill #1:
Complex problem solving
The ability to evaluate options and implement solutions after examining an issue is essential. Using critical thinking processes, complex problem-solving comprises looking at a problem from different angles, and choosing the best solution based on a variety of options.
Essential soft skill #2:
Critical thinking
Critical thinkers use logic and reason to reach a well-thought out answer or conclusion that is informed by evidence, not simply accepting information but questioning it. They analyze and solve problems rather than using intuition or instinct, considering the impact of their decisions to avoid potentially negative outcomes. Skills involved with critical thinking include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, and evaluation.
Essential soft skill #3:
The capability to bring a fresh perspective — devising new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems, and meet challenges — allows employees to deal with new situations or difficulties and apply new technologies to innovative products and services.
Essential soft skill #4:
People management
People management refers to the leadership skills that involve motivating workers to perform at their best and developing their talents and skills to become more valuable employees.
Essential soft skill #5:
Co-ordinating with others
This social skill, which involves the ability to collaborate, make adjustments in relation to others and be sensitive to the needs of others, is essential in today’s workplaces.
Essential soft skill #6:
Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is self and social awareness that involves the capacity to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions while being empathetic to the emotions of others. Employers will focus on hiring workers with these abilities.
Essential soft skill #7:
Judgement and decision making
This entails the ability to form an opinion after careful consideration, weighing the positives and negatives of each option to determine the best outcome for a particular situation. This will be especially useful in areas that require data analysis.
Essential soft skill #8:
Service orientation
Service orientation involves actively seeking ways to help others, including customers, co-workers, and superiors. This means being available, aware of, and willing to respond to the needs, requirements and expectations of others, while displaying high levels of empathy, and ultimately providing satisfaction.
Essential soft skill #9:
The ability to achieve compromise or agreement while attaining an outcome that is fair, mutually beneficial and maintains healthy relationships will be in high demand in jobs involving computers, math, data analysis, software development, arts and design (commercial and industrial).
Essential soft skill #10:
Cognitive flexibility
Creativity, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity are components of cognitive flexibility, along with the ability to adapt and tailor communication style to the audience.
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