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Knowledge Management

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Course description+

Understanding how to manage the knowledge within an organization is the key to business success. When knowledge isn’t managed well, employees can become frustrated, customers can become angry, and productivity can suffer. All of these things can affect a business’ bottom line. This Knowledge Management course trains employees to use knowledge they already possess in order to help businesses perform at the next level, introducing participants to knowledge management tips, techniques, and proven processes.

This two-day workshop explains the difference between explicit and tacit knowledge, identifies various theoretical models, explains how a properly implemented program can improve efficiency, describes the steps for deploying a new knowledge management program within an organization,and identifies the required components for implementing this type of framework within an organization.

This is an essential component of organizational growth and sustainability. Order this training courseware today and start teaching it right away! The Knowledge Management course materials are customizable, print-on-demand, and available for a one-time purchase, with no hidden fees or renewals.

These training materials include a pre-assignment, assessments, student workbook, and comprehensive trainer’s guide, as well as pre-formatted PowerPoint slides.

Course outline+

How to Use This Guide

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Definitions

What is Knowledge?

Communicating Explicit and Tacit Knowledge

What is Knowledge Management?

History of Knowledge Management

Session Three: The Business Case for Knowledge Management

Reducing Costs and Growing Sales with Knowledge Management

Personal Work Performance and Bottom Line Benefits

Business Case Basics

Sample Knowledge Management Business Case

Session Four: The Knowledge Management Mix


Recognition within the Knowledge Management Mix



Session Five: The Knowledge Management Framework


Needs Analysis

Resource Identification

Process Analysis, Identification, and Construction

Accumulating, Sharing, and Storing Knowledge

Session Six: ITandD’s Conundrum

Session Seven: Knowledge Management Models

The KM Process Framework (Bukowitz and Williams)

Knowledge Management Matrix (Gamble and Blackwell)

Process Model (Botha)

Knowledge Spiral Model (Nonaka and Takeuchi)

Session Eight: The Knowledge Management Toolkit

Cross-Functional Teams


Organizational Culture

IT Solutions

Which Technologies Would Be Best?

Session Nine: Implementing Knowledge Management Initiatives

Building Knowledge Networks

Creating a Knowledge Management Body of Knowledge (KMBOK)

Creating a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) Position

Advertise for Your CKO

Creating a Post-Mortem Plan

Creating Measures

Start With a Pilot

Where Do I Put This?

Support Your Organization Through the Change

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assessment

Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys

Personal Action Plan

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