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Introduction to Email Marketing

Knowing how to promote using e-mail is essential for marketers, small business owners, coaches, and consultants. In this two-day workshop, learn the essentials of planning, creating, and delivering exceptional e-mail marketing campaigns that support an overall marketing strategy. Introduction to E-Mail Marketing is an interactive, customizable program that covers the who, what, when, why, and…

Marketing And Sales

Sales and Marketing Training Material is designed for trainers to develop employees’ understanding of marketing by learning how to use marketing to increase sales with low-budget tactics. Train topics such as: top ten strategies for success, mission statements, the 4-P’s, SWOT analysis and more!

Basic Internet Marketing

Basic Internet Marketing Training Materials are designed for trainers to help create a strong understanding of the rules of internet marketing in the workforce. Teach staff how to extend influence, define internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), which advertising methods to utilize and much more.

Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing for small businesses means understanding your environment, consumers, and how a small company can position themselves even in the most competitive marketplaces. Our two-day Marketing for Small Businesses courseware includes step-by-step lessons on understanding the marketing cycle, how people buy, strategies to implement on small budgets, and how to build a presence in the…

Legacy Internet Marketing

Purchasing the Internet Marketing bundle provides you with 10 courses for a lower price than purchasing each course separately. This is a great value! Putting together a marketing plan, using social media, creating great content, using AdWords and SEO to get noticed… it’s all here! Customized programs can be created from all 10 courses to…

Sales and Marketing

Velsoft’s Sales and Marketing Bundle is an instructor’s dream package! Whether your sales students are seasoned professionals with years of experience, or new faces in your organizations, the Sales and Marketing Bundle gives trainers everything they need to begin training right away. Buying the Sales and Marketing Courseware in the Bundle package means added value…

Microsoft 365 PowerPoint: Part 2

Leadership Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop supervisors’ leadership skills in the workplace. Confidently teach your managers and supervisors what a good leader is, recognize that communication is a leadership tool, employee development models, what successful leaders do and much more!