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Building Relationships for Success in Sales

Building Relationships in Sales Training Materials will help train your sales team and supervisors how to consistently build strong rapport and strategic friendships in business. Train customer-focused selling, understanding effort vs. results, how to win friends and influence people, and many more amazing topics to increase productivity.

Marketing And Sales

Sales and Marketing Training Material is designed for trainers to develop employees’ understanding of marketing by learning how to use marketing to increase sales with low-budget tactics. Train topics such as: top ten strategies for success, mission statements, the 4-P’s, SWOT analysis and more!

Reading Body Language as a Sales Tool

Body Language Training Materials are designed for developing your sales team the skill of reading body language and utilizing it as a sales tool. Teach your employees how to understand different body language signals, facial expressions, speaking with hands, creating relationships and more!

Dynamite Sales Presentations

Sales Presentation Training Materials are designed for trainers to teach an organization’s sales team how to create dynamite sales presentations! Train your employees how to write proposals, preparation tips, how to use persuasive language and much more!

Sales and Marketing

Velsoft’s Sales and Marketing Bundle is an instructor’s dream package! Whether your sales students are seasoned professionals with years of experience, or new faces in your organizations, the Sales and Marketing Bundle gives trainers everything they need to begin training right away. Buying the Sales and Marketing Courseware in the Bundle package means added value…

Online Tools for Small Business

The internet provides an information highway for communication and research and is now also a virtual toolbox for the small business owner, with free options for such essential services as marketing, promotion, project management, data acquisition, document review, graphic design, and sales transactions. This one-day Online Tools for Small Business course will give an overview…

Creating Successful Staff Retreats

This one-day Creating Successful Staff Retreats course has been created to give students the skills to conceive, implement, and evaluate a staff retreat. Successful retreats can help bolster productivity and sales, and promote a positive work culture. This course begins with a look at different staff retreat experiences, and moves on to discuss the reasons…

Social Selling for Small Businesses

This one-day course explores why social selling is an essential requirement for sales teams in today’s business environment, and how the relationships that are created and nurtured within social media can help grow and sustain a business. How to apply specific techniques to connect with an audience and potential fans in the social space will…