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Building Better Teams

Training Material for building better teams is designed for supervisors and managers to create better team chemistry with their employees. Train your organization how to establish team norms, how to work as a team, what type of team players they are, building team trust and more!

Building Relationships for Success in Sales

Building Relationships in Sales Training Materials will help train your sales team and supervisors how to consistently build strong rapport and strategic friendships in business. Train customer-focused selling, understanding effort vs. results, how to win friends and influence people, and many more amazing topics to increase productivity.

Making Your Business Better

Making Your Business Better is a one-day course that provides your students with a comprehensive overview of the knowledge and skills need to ensure the viability of businesses in today’s world. The course material applies equally to product- and service-based enterprises. The eight sessions of Making Your Business Better will introduce positioning and pricing; and…

Social Media and Your Business

Social Media Marketing Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop employees knowledge of utilizing social media. Confidently train staff how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

Managing the Virtual Workplace

Managing the Virtual Workplace Training Materials are designed for trainers to develop supervisors’ and managers’ ability to provide feedback to their employees. Teach management when feedback is needed, how to develop communication strategies, the six characteristics of Managing the Virtual Workplace and more!

Purchasing and Procurement Basics

Purchasing and Procurement Basics are a key skill set for any employee to develop. Purchasing and procurement extends past getting the products and services that the organization needs at the right time and the right cost. This field has evolved to include relationship building, supply chain management integration, and communication with stakeholders to continually improve…

Managing Across Cultures

Our culture defines many aspects of how we think, feel, and act. It can be challenging for managers to bridge cultural differences and bring employees together into a functioning team. This Managing Across Cultures course will give supervisors and managers easy-to-use techniques for communicating across cultures, building teams, promoting multiculturalism in the organization, and leveraging…