Virtual Campus

This is how you take your training to the next level.

Are you a training company looking to expand your revenue by selling online courses? Or a private organization looking to establish your own internal corporate university? Either way Velsoft has you covered.

Have a look at what’s involved. See how other companies have made Virtual Campus work for them. We’re with you every step of the way.



1000+ eLearning courses

From Sales and Marketing to HR and Leadership, you will gain access to 1000’s of eLearning courses from the comfort of your home or office. Make it easy for learners to further their education or become experts in their field by giving them the tools and options to do so from the comfort of their own home. There’s no longer any need to miss time from work to take a course. With Velsoft, we make the learning experience as trouble free and easy as possible!


Powerful Learning Management System

Online learning is changing how students consume education. The future is bright and full of innovation, hop on board with Velsoft and let us transport you there, today.


Frontend Campus

Prepare to have complete control over every aspect of your very own Virtual Campus. Easily make design changes, build and edit your own courses, manage users, and more. We provide you with over 1000 high-quality eLearning courses and the ability to modify and make them your own.


Instant eLearning Technology

Our Virtual Campus solution provides everything you need in one enterprise package. From training to support, and most importantly; the ability to learn on the go. Velsoft’s instant eLearning technology makes finding time for learners to further their education a breeze. With hundreds of Virtual Campuses being launched each year, Velsoft continues to be the number-one Virtual Campus supplier in the world.


Course Catalog

Browse through 1000’s of different courses that are dynamically built into your Virtual Campus and easily managed.


eCommerce built-in

Now offering eCommerce built into each and every Virtual Campus that Velsoft develops.

Custom Designs By You!

Join the shift to eLearning and transform the way your employees learn. Speak with us today and see for yourself. Virtual Campus, a truly interactive experience for each and every user.

Download a Virtual Campus Getting Started Guide